About Crows and Frogs

Crows and Frogs is a brand created and run by me, CP, a queer chicano artist and graphic designer. Crows and Frogs Media is currently only a part-time endeavor, however I am building towards making it a larger part of my life.

The name “Crows and Frogs” was born out of a fear of being pigeonholed. I wanted to choose a title that would resonate with me for years to come. Crows were chosen for their mischief, abundance, loyalty, and spookiness, and frogs for their witch connotations, strangeness, and fascinating nature. They were put together because they both exist at the intersection of off-putting, weird, mystical, and aesthetically pleasing.e.

About Me

My pronouns are They/them and I am a trans-masc queer. I’m chicano Graphic Designer and Artist raised in California. I am incredibly passionate in my advocacy for accessibility in education, children’s rights, and mental health. These issues are very dear to me and I hope to use my skills to educate and raise awareness. When able, I am an avid fan service creator for media I enjoy. I am also the person behind Crows and Frogs Media, a small business. Currently I am a full-time college student aiming to become an Art teacher and freelance graphic designer in the future.